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At Garrison's we take sleep very seriously. So much so that we have invested in extensive training for each of our Sleep Specialists AND a body mapping machine. So when we say we use technology, we mean it! Our Support Report mattress recommendation system uses advanced technology that is currently being used by hospitals such as the Mayo Clinic to alleviate pressure ulcers. It is also being used by automotive companies such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and GM to help build the seats in cars we drive or aspire to drive today. Pretty cool right? 

We really encourage you to not buy a mattress online. Selecting a mattress requires trying it out. Our experts will listen and guide you to the mattress that is going to address your unique concerns. We will help you take the guessing out of things! Save time, frustration, and energy with our 4-minute mattress match system. These machines find the pressure points in your body when you lay down, which helps us narrow our search to best fit your body AND your budget. 

Once you complete our 4-Minute Mattress Match using the body mapping machine, we will provide you with a Support Report. This will narrow our dozens of mattresses down to a completely UNBIASED MATTRESS RECOMMENDATION.

Come in today for a 4-Minute Mattress Match and finally rid that SLANGER (anger due to lack of sleep)!



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