Custom Order

Women picking custom items

Don't Compromise. Customize!

Many brands we display at Garrison’s Home give you the opportunity to specify the exact level of comfort, color and style of furniture you want. In short, you don’t need to settle for only what’s in stock.

Custom Orders

Although you cannot custom order online, in our store you’ll often see the ability from select brands to specify the frame, fabric or leather covering, color, cushion type, details such as wood/stain finishes, nail head trim, accent pillows and more.

Carpenter working with wood

Lead Time

Although you will have to allow time for your custom furniture to be built, you'll undoubtedly spend less time designing your furniture than you would visiting multiple stores in search of the “right” item.

Couple imagining furniture


So let your imagination guide you to choices that will give the absolute best comfort and the exact look you desire. You’ll discover custom furniture is an easy way to create pieces that match or complement your interior design and accessories.