We’re going to set the stage by going back in time awhile. Hundreds of years ago, retailers began rewarding customers for purchases with copper tokens which could later be redeemed for discounts or even merchandise. In time, the tokens evolved into stamps, loyalty coupons, plastic cards & fobs and a whole host of other receipts which were used to record and track a customer’s earned rewards. A piggy bank if you will, which after enough saving up you can start redeeming and enjoying rewards at those favorite stores. Customer loyalty and rewards programs that we see so often now are absolutely nothing new!  



But customers aren’t the same now as they were back then. They have more choices than ever before and are less loyal than ever before. They still want to engage with the brands they love and the local companies that make their communities unique though. A wallet full of cards and coupons is quickly giving way to a phone full of apps. Nowadays, we see these rewards most often manifested in digital form, through an app or credits through a website. Companies know these are useful tools because the points are easy to earn and easy to redeem, and just about everyone and their grandma have a mobile device of some type always on them or nearby.



Garrison’s rewards is no different! Of course, we’re not a coffee shop, hotel chain or grocery store, but the idea is the same. Every time you make a purchase with us for your home, you can earn points towards a future purchase. So yes, we have a rewards / loyalty program, yes, it’s completely free to join and maintain and yes, it’s super easy to track and redeem!

Yet, if you know us, you know we are different. There are tons of unique, popular and quality stores offering a plethora of awesome products and services. However, most local brick & mortar larger item retailers just don’t typically offer this type of program.  Why do we? It’s pretty simple, actually. We’re in the customer service business foremost, and a rewards program directly shows that we appreciate and value our guests. We want them as long term, relational partners, not just quick transactional customers. We’re in the business of giving back to our community and our guests. We wish to build a superior, differentiated and overall more engaging experience than our competition is willing to provide. 



Garrison’s rewards program is transparent and simple to use. Members can track their points via email, phone number or a specific tag number they receive upon sign up, which is incredibly easy to do at any location. It is accessible through our website as well. We give our members special bonuses including sign up bonus, a birthday bonus and even double point days! It cost absolutely nothing to join so guests will never feel “upsold” or tricked into joining something. True, furniture is generally a higher ticket purchase that’s not as “everyday” as a coffee, but since the points never expire, it’s truly a no risk offer to our loyal guests. And guess what, you can keep the copper tokens if you like ;)!