From the start, Garrison’s has always felt the need to be a community minded business. Throughout our 15-year history in southern Oregon, we have continually found ways to give back. Partnerships with local charities, involvement in numerous activities & seasonal programs, as well as hosting in store events so our guests can also participate in the spirit of community support. 


Garrison's was recently awarded ORA's Employer of the Year for 2021!  Oregon Resource Association (ORA) is the professional membership association for community providers of services to individuals with disabilities. As the hub of the disability community, they provide a collaborative platform that connects and empowers members through learning, advocacy, resources and innovation.

This award is presented every year to a private employer who has, through their employment of people with disabilities receiving services from an ORA member organization, improved the lives of those individuals. We couldn’t be more honored by this recognition!



“Hiring individuals who experience disability is simply an extension of our community involvement as well as a huge positive aspect to our company culture.  We currently have two employees who receive job coaching and services through Pathways and hold meaningful positions within our business.  Travis & Ian are such valued members of the Garrison’s Family. “-Brian Garrison



Through the hiring of Travis & Ian, all Garrison’s employees can benefit and change for the better. With common yet crucial co-worker interactions, everyone can gain new perspectives, develop new understandings and break down common misconceptions. Working closely with the coaches and listening to any requests they may have is likewise so important.  Management makes solid efforts to improve the areas of need and makes sure the practices of inclusion and respect are always upheld.



Since being hired in our warehouse, Ian has flourished. “This is the best job I have ever had!”  Even his parents have seen a big change in their son’s attitude and behavior regarding work since starting here. By having a position he enjoys that also matches his strengths, interests & abilities, Ian “lights up” discussing his job and co-workers.




Travis on the other hand works at multiple Garrison’s locations where he is responsible for dusting furniture, cleaning office space and performing many other miscellaneous tasks.  Travis contributes mightily not only to the cleanliness of our business, but to the positive attitude as well.  He simply puts a smile on everyone’s face every time he is here.  “The best thing about Garrison’s is I get to see my friends!”




Both individuals have struggled with employment in the past because of a linear view of what they are capable of.  Some businesses don’t want to change their practices in order to enrich the lives of ALL their employees.  We strive for this change because we have seen and felt the positive and progressive outcomes it creates in our workplace and beyond.  We have never backed down from an opportunity to help enrich our community, and in the future will continue to seek new avenues to do so.