We are like the Phoenix. Rising again, with a new life ahead of us.



Most local residents are aware that we lost our two Phoenix stores in the devastating Almeda Fire that tore through the valley in September 2020. Although extremely grateful that no team members were hurt and very conscious that our losses didn’t compare with the thousands of residents who lost everything, we still of course felt the sting of that grim day. Our resolve was strong though, and it was never a question that we would rise again, bigger and better than ever. It was only a matter of when…

After the initial shock, stress, and disturbance of the fire began to subside (from a business POV), we were determined to once again have a store located in the city of Phoenix. However, the availability of an existing building that could accommodate the amount of space we were hoping for just wasn’t materializing. At this point, some months into our search, it was becoming clearer and clearer that building something from the ground up was ultimately going to be the path we needed to forge. Land and location became the focus. We were even in talks for a time with the owners of Pacific Plaza, our former location, to purchase the lot and rebuild where we had been. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be, and the quest continued. In early Sept of 2021, one year removed from the fire, we formally purchased two plots of land on Grove Rd in Phoenix, adjacent to the Home Depot. “We just traded a bunch of money for some dirt. Straight up.” -Actual company email.



As with any large business deal, land purchase, or majestic alliance, we went through considerable negotiations and waded through rivers of legal protocol. This was not only with the owners of the land, but the city of Phoenix, and developers as well. Permits, coding, zoning issues. Not to mention building design, finding the right team to build, and coordination of the moving parts involved. All the ABC’s of getting ready for a major construction project. Exhausting, occasionally frustrating and ultimately a time-consuming monster of an undertaking. Of course, this was all expected and done in good nature, with the end result being beneficial to all parties and the community.



In March of this year, we held a ground-breaking gathering at our new location to celebrate this new beginning, but also to reflect on where we have been. It was a company affair, as well as spouses & kids and members of the construction & design teams, so it was a pretty big group! It “officially” marked our new rise in Phoenix.




Just days later, the construction crews were on-site and the process had begun! Fast forward to today, and you may have noticed a rather large structure being built along I-5 just past the Phoenix exits. “We’re incredibly happy to say that this is our new location, and beyond thrilled to be returning to the great city of Phoenix which was so welcoming to us in the past! We never thought to be anywhere else.”- Brian Garrison




For now, construction moves along at a fairly generous pace, although like everyone, at the mercy & whims of the supply chain/logistical imbalances. The timeline is more like an outline at this point, yet we are hopeful our new store will be open to the public in late 2022 or early 2023! We will keep you updated, as well as hope you see the progress for yourself along the freeway here in our beautiful valley.




Our new life, before your eyes.