Folks, it’s a scientific fact; Garrison’s has great employees. Each and every day we have individuals who show up ready to give their very best and make sure, that from the moment our guests walk into a store until they are completely satisfied with their new pieces in their homes, those guests have an awesome furniture and mattress buying experience. Our people embody our “Core Values”, a set of guidelines (Be Game, Be Enthusiastic, Have Fun) established to foster and cultivate a positive, respectful, and genuinely fun place to spend our working hours. It’s no easy task to choose one of the roughly 60 employees who has stood out amongst the rest on a month-to-month basis. So, we decided to do something a little different and choose two employees for each quarter. So much easier. Representing two sides of the company, Sales & Operations, these guys have really, truly stood out over the past few months to their peers and were voted our Employees of the Quarter!



Josh Mandel / Garrison’s Sleep Specialist

"My name is Josh Mandel and I have been at Garrison's for just over one year now.

My current position at Garrison’s is Sleep Specialist. We assist our guests in finding the perfect mattress for their specific needs. However, I first started here in the warehouse. When I was hired, I mentioned that I may be interested in sales at some point. Management noticed how well I interacted with guests and at the company boat trip last summer Brian (the actor from our ads) suggested I apply for an open sales position at our mattress store. I’m happy I did, as it’s turned out very well!

My favorite thing about being a Sleep Specialist at Garrison’s is not only am I responsible for making sales, but by doing that I am solving our guests’ problems and helping improve the quality of their lives through the way they sleep. You notice immediately when you help a guest find the right mattress, and it’s very cool to know how happier they’re about to be.



The culture here at Garrison's is fun and family-like. I have never worked at a place like Garrison's before and I truly mean that in the best way possible! It’s more than just getting up and going to a job. It’s being around people I truly enjoy being around every day, helping our guests, and having a great time doing it. "Be Game" would be the Garrison's Core Value I feel best describes me. I’m always willing to do whatever is necessary to assist my co-workers and of course, offer the best service to our guests.

I was born in Southern California and lived all around the United States due to my stepfather being in the military. I came to Southern Oregon for the first time to meet my biological father. I loved the area so much and decided to stay. Shortly after that, I met my wife, and we started a family. I have lived in Southern Oregon for 14 years now. My favorite thing about living here is that I'm 30 mins to 2 hours away from lakes, mountains, and the ocean. So many beautiful areas are so close at hand. Things I enjoy most in my downtime are BBQing meats and cheeses in my smoker and fishing in the ocean. My friends and family would describe me as funny, loving, caring, and would take the shirt off my back for anyone. Overall, working for Garrison's has been a life-changing event for me.



I never knew there was a company as amazing as Garrison's to work for. I'm glad we found each other!”


We are too Josh.



Isaac Banuelos / Operations Associate

“My name is Isaac Banuelos and I have been working at Garrison’s for almost 2 years. I have been on the delivery trucks and more recently been in the warehouse learning all sorts of operational and behind-the-scenes aspects of the company. I push myself to be helpful wherever is needed and want to learn more every day. My guess as to why I switched from the delivery truck to the warehouse would probably be my willingness to learn, be adaptable, and thrive.



Garrison’s is like a big family and like all families, some days can be rough but, in the end, we can all have a laugh and enjoy one another’s company. The comradery is real within the company and if you have been within the walls of any one of our buildings you can see it. The fact that I can come to work and still have a smile even if things get chaotic speaks for itself. IT DOESN’T SUCK WORKING HERE! The Core Value that best describes me would be hands down “Be Enthusiastic” / Attitude. Sometimes you gotta deal with the cards you are dealt and have to make the best of it, I try to keep the good vibes rolling because we are all in this together.


I have lived in the Rogue Valley all my life and honestly, I can’t see myself living anywhere else. The fact that you can take a day trip to the coast or go hiking within a few hours is very appealing to me and a very free feeling. Also, we get all four seasons which changes the scenery for a bit depending on the time of year...or day.



Outside of work I try to spend most of my time with my family hiking, camping, lounging getting beat by a 5-year-old at Mario Kart. I also enjoy being a nerd and playing “Magic The Gathering” and “DnD”…oh yeah I’m one of THOSE guys. As big of a nerd as I am I also enjoy hunting, fishing, and spending time with family and friends.




So far, my experience at Garrison’s has been one giant surprise considering I started with the mindset I would “probably like” it here, to now, I LOVE it here! The surrounding co-workers that can joke and have a good time but also knock the day out of the park truly speaks volumes and I feel is healthy for the workplace. Sure, you can take care of yourself and come to work but being mentally healthy at work should be just as important.”

Couldn’t agree more Isaac.

These two are just a pair of outstanding people who choose to make their living at Garrison’s, and we truly appreciate that they do. We have many, many more who will someday be on this Employee of the Quarter list as well. It’s kind of a good “problem” to have, to narrow this award down to just two great individuals every few months. We can’t wait to solve that problem again and report it back to all of you. It’s science.